the good country weddings guide

The country wedding venue guide and services review site was created by a network of local wedding professionals and suppliers to provide free useful information in a simple format to help you plan the best country wedding day possible. What distinguishes the Good Country Wedding Guide from the multitude of other wedding directories is that venues and service providers cannot just pay to get listed on the site. Each venue and service is already known to us, is tried and tested and will have regularly worked together at the best country weddings and venues in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

The idea behind the good country wedding guide is to let you know about the great venues and high quality service providers including wedding caterers, florists, photographers, marquees, bands and entertainment that are available to you in the country, namely Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Not only have the services been chosen for their quality and expertise in their individual fields but we have also tried to capture a little of what makes each one special.